About Blek

With clean design and smart production techniques, the end results are creative and functional; that is in synergy with company’s brand and aspirations.

Tolga Öztürk

Blek build brands and create strategies that fuel sustainable, profitable growth. We fuse the most talented creative minds, the latest marketing strategies and cutting-edge technology to deliver premium results. It requires clear objectives, a solid plan to deliver it, and the skills and resources to implement, measure and refine. Every engagement is unique, but we help our clients with three main types of challenges: defend, differentiate, and disrupt.

When we defend, we’re helping our clients discover, test and prove new paths to value for existing products offerings and services. when we differentiate, we’re helping expand from existing products and services to new businesses. when we disrupt, we’re designing radically new businesses and operating models for markets that don’t exist yet.

Experience is marketing.

Advertising Marketing, Brand Development, Corporate Branding, Integrated Marketing, Digital Strategy, Concept Development, Publishing, Creative Direction, Digital Media

Tolga Ozturk

Functional Creativity

With many years of global and local design experience, Blek produces strategy, content, publishing and new media services that works effectively.

Focusing on content and bringing a proven knowledge of creative strategy and management with an emphasis on new media and usability for brands. Proven record in multi-channel disciplines; extensive background in above-the-line communications, promotions, retail and direct marketing.

Our primary focus is to create engaging communications that achieve client targets. Our goal is not to win awards, but they are an exciting by-product of great thinking, planning and execution.