A Logo Made the World Love New York Again

In 1977, New York was a city on the brink. Facing total financial insolvency, the city had gutted its police and fire departments two years prior, firing some 50,000 city

The Story Behind the World’s Most Famous Background

Microsoft has an insect infestation to thank for its classic Windows XP desktop background—an image that has graced at least a billion computer screens since the system’s 2001 launch. Napa

Digital Does Not Mean “Just Build a Website”

Many traditional publishers have prematurely thrown in the towel on digital. “I have a website, but no one wants to advertise on it.” “I have an iPad version of my

The Importance of a Visual Content Strategy

Whether you’re using gifs, video, infographics, or emoji, your brand now needs a strong visual presence to cut through the noise and capture your audience’s attention. (look below ? ↓)

Are We Creating Too Much Content?

According to the 2016 Content Marketing Institute report, marketers spend 28% of their budget on content marketing and 51% say they will increase their spending. Meaning: content marketing works, marketers

How to Build a Content Team

One of the biggest mistakes a brand can make is to hire someone as part of its content team without considering whether that person is equipped to execute within the

The Power of Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling has been a cornerstone of marketing for years. What worked then works now: We see what we want and we’re driven to buy it. Perhaps, if anything has

Brand content now part of CNN International ad deals

CNN International has been on a mission to evolve its digital commercial offering. The goal is to move away from banner ads and click-based reporting, boost branded content revenue and ultimately assert itself

How to Map Your Content to the Buyer’s Journey?

The majority of the buyer’s journey is self-directed and happens before you even know who they are. This reality has made marketing teams accountable for engaging buyers sooner and getting them to that

Do not sell to them talk with them!

Step 1: Communicate with your existing customers, Step 2: Repeat step 1 Step 3: Repeat step 2. Most business people think they have to sell to their customers but, well