The Importance of a Visual Content Strategy

Whether youโ€™re using gifs, video, infographics, or emoji, your brand now needs a strong visual presence to cut through the noise and capture your audienceโ€™s attention. (look below ๐Ÿ“ˆ โ†“) but beyond knowing why you need a visual strategy, where do you even begin with developing one? And what happens if youโ€™re a marketing team of one with very little time or skill for graphics?


4ย Engaging Visual Content Formats That Arenโ€™t Infographics

Itโ€™s not all just about the infographics. This list from MarketingLand looks at different formats of visual content and offers examples on when and how to use them in your own campaigns. Read it here.

This post from Brightedge looks at Image SEO and marketing and how visual content actually leads to greater conversions. Research says your users are forming an opinion within less than a second of landing on your site so what do you do to immediately engage them and how do you make sure youโ€™re showcasing your brand with visuals that convert?

The title does not lie: you can create quality visuals with free tools and no design skills. We pulled together a toolbox including five of our favourites and what they can do for you. Find out what they are here.

Get inspired with this list of podcasts for visual marketers put together by Piktochart. While not all these podcasts are directly related to visuals, inspiration comes from a lot of different places and this list will definitely get your creative juices flowing. See the full list here.